Dear Friends and Colleagues!

The idea of ​​this Journal creating was born a few years ago. It was inspired by a comparative assessment of agro-cenoses and natural (including protected) ecosystems of Western and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Natural and anthropogenic impacts cause complete transformation of the natural environment. Thus, as a result of climatic changes and regional hydro-technical construction (regulation of river flow), the initial ecological conditions for the existence of ecosystems, which have been in climax or close to the root (maternal) core for many years, change completely. In the newly created conditions nature protection is absolutely incapable of preserving certain organisms or communities that require conservation measures, since the optimal environment for their existence has completely disappeared. Mostly, the humanity is responsible for this, but not always and not everywhere. In our country the influence of climatic changes, which has global cosmic causes, has already manifested itself significantly in changes of ecosystems and their components. Today everyone needs to realize that changes in the environment as a result of natural and anthropogenic causes will only increase, affecting more and more of areas of knowledge and industry. In order to correctly determine the strategy for the survival of ecosystems, including humans, in a rapidly changing environment it is necessary to have a large amount of knowledge on the structure, distribution, functioning and assessment of the state and dynamics of ecosystems and their components. Therefore, at present, identifying, assessing and forecasting the state and dynamic changes in the ecosystem cover of the planet are the most important tasks of modern science and practice. We would like our journal “Ecosystems: Ecology and Dynamics” to contribute to the solution of those urgent problems.

The Editor-in-Chief of “Ecosystems: Ecology and Dynamics”,

Doctor of Geography, Zhanna Vadimovna Kuzmina