The Journal receives manuscripts about original and reviewing scientific researches, following the subject of the Journal. The receiving is unlimited for citizens of every nation, people of every gender, religion, political view and sexual orientation. The articles have to be written in English or Russian; the publishing is free of charge.

Sending the article for the Journal, the authors guarantee their materials (in original language or translated) haven’t been published before or sent to the other publishing houses.

One week after article submission the author will receive a notification from the editorial, which shows the date, when the article has been received by the editorial, and the article personal registration number. If the article doesn’t meet the Layout Rules of the Journal, the editorial will inform the author on this subject, and the article won’t be reviewed until the proper layout is made.

In the covering mail the editorial board will ask the authors to name 5 possible reviewers for the said article; they should not be the co-authors of that article or any other articles made by the author of the said article.

Every submitted material will get an anonymous review in two months.

The article, which the reviewer sent back to the author to edit and re-work, should be send again with all the changes made, in two months. After two months that article will be considered as the new one and should be submitted again. The mail with the re-worked article should also have a list of changes made by the author and the answers to all the questions asked by the reviewers.

The final decision of the reviewers will be discussed during the meeting of the editorial board, after which the article will be accepted, or rejected, or sent back for the author to re-work. Every decision made by the editorial board will be send to the authors by e-mail.

When article is accepted by the editorial board, the author cannot edit it anymore.

The editorial board has its right to not explain the reasons of rejection.